pdfDrill Bits, Countersinks, Positioning Pins, Reamers and Burrs


pdfReusable Surgical Instruments

pdfInstruments with a measurement function

pdfKirschner Wire

pdfCannulated Bone Screws

pdfLocking, non-cannulated bone screws

pdfNon-locking, non-cannulated bone screws

pdfLocking Plates

pdfNon-locking plates



pdfSymbols Glossary


Assembling and dismantling

pdfAjustable Saw Guide

pdfAxial Unscrew Lube

pdfBending Pliers 2.7 - 3.5mm Plates

pdfCentering Sleeve DHS/DCS

pdfDCS/DHS Reamers

pdfDepth Gauges

pdfDrill Guide Handle

pdfDrill Guide Universal

pdfHolding Sleeves

pdfInsertion Guides: Femur, Tibia

pdfInsertion Guides: Humerus

pdfLocking Sleeves

pdfOthos Graduated Bone Spreader

pdfRodded Pliers

pdfSide Lube


pdfTransversal Unscrew Lube

pdfVolarE PEEK Guides


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The Instructions for Use (IFU) contain information about the characteristics of the products, precautions and warnings, as well as indications for safe and proper use. The restrictions for combination with products from other manufacturers are also presented in the IFU.

On this website, for each device, the instructions for use are identified by the general description of the products, according to the stated on the label of the purchased item. All IFU have the indication of the number of review and document issuance date, so the user must check that is reading the correct version, taking into consideration the date of manufacture indicated on the label of the product that have purchased.

You can always ask for IFU in paper format at no extra cost. The receipt of the same will occur within seven days after receiving the user's request or when the delivery of the devices, if requested at time of order.

This application must be made to the following contacts:

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